Sunday, 22 January 2012

Role in VT

My role in News Package was a researcher. I think its a topic the group failed to grasp. Danny Ainsworth was the team member who pushed for Tuition Fees topic.We decided to change it only cause he was never there for the research, discussion or pre-production. It was reverted when he eventually turned up for a lesson, off course only not to turn up there after. 

I found it very difficult to transfer information gathered into the VT. This was shown in Graphs I provided in VT. Unfortunately we did not discuss the Tuition Fees topic as a group. 

I think our VT was not objective as we did not pursue a balanced argument. We had blinkers as we stuck with or student caps and manipulated the VT to depict that student tuition are necessarily a bad thing. 

Below are examples of similar interviews had planned to undertake; real Students

The bottom VT is a classic example of styling of VT. Interviews conducted  

We did not pursue a list of interviews we had lined up. I had pre-interview with Dean of College, Student Rep and College Advisor. 

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