Monday, 23 January 2012

Research Results Of Survey - Questionnaire

The survey research we conducted reflected 67% applying for a student loan. All most a quarter obtaining  support from the guardians. Surprising was almost quarter did not know or had not thought about source of funding for their course

The Graph below depicts  majority of the students will reside at at home with guardians to minimise the  cost. Funny enough, half will be away and still wont mind staying in student accommodation.

Although 70% disagreed with Tuition Fees rise, reflected on they Tuition fees,  against it in principal  say that they are paying the price for  mismanagement of funds by the government

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Role in VT

My role in News Package was a researcher. I think its a topic the group failed to grasp. Danny Ainsworth was the team member who pushed for Tuition Fees topic.We decided to change it only cause he was never there for the research, discussion or pre-production. It was reverted when he eventually turned up for a lesson, off course only not to turn up there after. 

I found it very difficult to transfer information gathered into the VT. This was shown in Graphs I provided in VT. Unfortunately we did not discuss the Tuition Fees topic as a group. 

I think our VT was not objective as we did not pursue a balanced argument. We had blinkers as we stuck with or student caps and manipulated the VT to depict that student tuition are necessarily a bad thing. 

Below are examples of similar interviews had planned to undertake; real Students

The bottom VT is a classic example of styling of VT. Interviews conducted  

We did not pursue a list of interviews we had lined up. I had pre-interview with Dean of College, Student Rep and College Advisor. 

Tuition Fees Research - History Of Tuition Fees

 Tuition Fees Have done up by 1000% in last 10 years.

History of Tuition Fees

Tuition payments are charged by educational institutions in England to assist with funding of staff and faculty, course offerings, lab equipment, computer systems, libraries, facility upkeep and to provide a comfortable student learning experience.

Link Below gives us a more understanding History of Tuition Fees. Tuition fees go back to the Medieval periods when Universities were introduced by the Roman Catholic Church. Centuries later Protestants countries were encouraging people to go to University in order to improve the quality of Civil servants.

Styling Of the VT

As the VT is targeting 14-20, Our Audience is predominantly Teenagers. I thought the style should be

Young and Trendy
Be Vibrant - Colours should be Loud - Yellow,Pink luminous Colours
Fast, different, 
Look rebellious

This is an example of our target Market

The two videos depict the style and market we targeting. 

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Team Work

Well, after 8 weeks in Group 5 team finally understands the advantages of working within a Group.

The past 2 months have been hell. Team failed to understood basic fundamental parts of the assignments:

  • TeamWork - None existing. Majority of the time it was two of us. It was made worse by when Team failed to grasp the main point of us being placed - In my opinion it is for us to work closely together bringing in different skills within the group. Aiming to produce good quality news package and professionally producing a 5minute show to depict basic studio ops.
  • Team Planning - although we were depleted most of the time, I have constantly being undermined by the Team. 
  1. News Package  - this continually happened when I would agree and with my colleague and only for agreement to be overturned as soon as the other group member turns up.
  2. News Package - The group clearly did not understand News Package VT  brief on Manchester College. On numerous times I tried to push the importance of actual news investigation/research.
  3. News Package - Interviews - Interviewing a fellow classmate without consulting me as I worked in the same room clearly undermined me - and only to be told a week later that they interviewed a fellow colleague instead of using Prospective students we had interviewed. I tried to point out the relevance on us using that footage as they were prospective media students and were going to be directly affected by the Fee increases. Again - Same result shot down. Their point - as a present classmate they will need to top up his degree - possibly Salford University - He would only be affected by the new fees increase in 2014. Group clearly missed the point as brief was on the Manchester College - Fees increase in 2012. News Package should  have highlighted two main points
  • Prospective Students -
  • How they felt about student finance? What preparations they have undertaken for the tuition fees increase? 
  • College -
  • How have they prepared for this? Has Preparation for this Next been different from previous years. I felt interviewing- Head of Department or the Dean would give us a better source. The more interviews the better  and more factual our  news would be.

News Package - VT has been made away from college and being handed in without any me having a preview or a say in the whole process. 

Sources of the News! Most News was graphically produced with no relevant interviews. We are heavily reliant on charts (from Questionnaires Results obtained from prospective students).  as the news in the VT!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Three A's


Very Very Important in Journalism; Three A's : Accuracy, Attribution, Accountability.

Broadcaster must deal  in facts. These  must be sought out. and presented to inform our audience.  Fact must be accurate; by nature they are truthful. ASSUME NOTHING!
 A "GE" - gross factual error - will not be tolerated.

All information gathered for a story must be  attributed. That means someone must be credited with  facts gathered. 
Attribution is not an option. One must  attribute all facts.

The public trusts us to be accountable, the story we present  should be  accurate.