Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Story Telling - Basics

'Every "good" story (report) has a beginning, middle, and and end.' 
Broadcasting Basics, Yvonne Cappe

Repetition helps  us  remember - One should write conversationlly. Paint word pictures. I need aim to be creative  with my words, but not WITH THE FACTS!

Broadcast Structure:
Because time is so scarce in broadcasting,  one must give an audience a reason to care about a story. The viewer might sympathize with my story. They may have experienced a similar event. It may be shocking either in the sense of brutality or outrage. The story should have an emotional appeal on some level.

Emotions  are the reasons I  personally get involved in stories and take ownership. 

Broadcast; We write in diamond pattern;

> Start with an introduction

> Fill in the Facts

> Conclusion.

Beginning, Middle and ENDD!!! I must remember these simple Basics.

To begin
One must use your news judgement (critical thinking) to determine the lead. The lead is what is "new" about   the story. How do you decide that? What is the first most important fact?

The second?
Is it in m market broadcast  area?

Is it timely?

Who will be affected?

A journalist must always ask  themselves

'Why do I care?' I Must Care! I Will Care!

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